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It's here!!

The Mastercraft Artwood in 14x6.5 is here!!

Released in 1980, fans of the Mastercraft Artwood snare drum have eagerly awaited its reissue. Known for its obviously stunning looks, this snare drum is adorned with a beautifully stained multi-section center wood inlay. The 9mm/6ply all-Birch shell delivers significant low-mid tone and clear projection. For a detailed & sensitive snare response, the drum features TAMA's unique Roller Action Strainer, an innovative full-contact snare wire design that utilizes a single on/off lever & dual guide rollers for easy & versatile adjustment.

This faithful reproduction of TAMA's original Mastercraft Artwood snare drum is an amazingly beautiful celebration of TAMA's 50th Anniversary.

Model No.: AW-456Shell: 9mm 6ply Birch with center wood inlay

Size: 14"x6.5"Lug: Original Superstar Lug (6371N)

Hoop: Die-Cast Hoop (10 hole)

Strainer/Butt: Roller Action (6302N/6303N/6338N)

Snare Wire: 18-strand Carbon Steel Long Snare Wires (6035N)

Inside Muffler: One-Touch Tone Control (6552N)

Head: REMO® Ambassador Coated TAMA 50th Anniversary version

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