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New Arrivals!

We have got something really special, our friends of Craviotto created something really cool! A one of a kind "Salesman" kit. Check these specs:

18x14 kick in Ambrosia/Walnut

14x14 Floor in Birdseye Maple/Mahogany

12x8 Tom in Curley Maple/Cherry

14x5.5 Snare Ash/Popular

All 45 edges and Walnut inlays, these drums look amazing, but sounds even better, a real piece of art!!

And that's not all, Craviotto also had some shell made by the master himself, Johnny Craviotto, And we snatched one, a stunning Red Birch in 14x5.5

Come, and check these pieces of art yourself!!

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RDD will be closing earlier then normal on Friday March 15th, due to a funeral. We're open from 10:00u till 13:00u. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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