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Very special shellset! Asba is resurrected from a hiatus of almost 40 years!


For those who may not remember them, ASBA is a French drum company who started out in 1927 when Alfred Boudard designed what would become the first music stand. Throughout the decades ASBA would go on to innovate the first double sided adjustable snare strainer which featured on their Super Revelation snare drum, the first boom cymbal stand and the Caroline bass drum pedal famously sold under licence in the USA by Ludwig. The Caroline pedal was used by many notable drummers in the 70's including Mitch Mitchell.

In 2016 Guillaume Pornet relaunched the ASBA name and manufacturing of the drums back in France. The first two prototype kits debuted at the BagShow at the Moulin Rouge in 2017. By 2018 a complete team was established including the production facility in Lyon where the the new line up of ASBA drums are exclusively built.


This Stainless steel shellset is something else, steel was always a Asba specialty, and this one surely is! Warmth, projection, complex tone, it's all there! Other cool fact, we got number 1! And there will be only 10 sets, so grab these while you can!!

Shellset only: 20x14, 13x8, 16x16.

Asba Stainless Steel Shellset

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