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The Rotterdam Limited Edition snare drum by British Drum Co

is something very special indeed. Created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of Rotterdam Drum Department, this spectacular snare drum is inspired by the colours of Rotterdam’s city flag. Crafted from Black Oak, White Sycamore and Tulip, the Rotterdam snare drum is designed to sound as good as it looks.


Handcrafted in the UK, the Rotterdam is a 14” x 7”, 12-ply shell with 45º bearing edges, constructed using our unique cold press moulding process to create a shell with outstanding tonal characteristics. The Rotterdam is a magnificent drum featuring our elegant, Art Deco inspired Palladium hardware, a bespoke vent badge identifying the edition number and beautifully crafted, hand-cut pinstripes of green Tulip and White Sycamore

details on the outer shell, with a beautifully finished White Sycamore veneer on the inner of the drum. This central band of white recreates the Rotterdam flag motif alongside the reinforcement rings which are also handcrafted from green Tulip.


The Rotterdam is a real player’s drum - crisp and responsive across a wide tension range, offering a wealth of voices which cut through any style of

music. It responds easily to softer playing, but really opens up when played hard this drum will not be ignored! The Rotterdam is destined to become a serious collector’s snare drum and is a fantastic example of drummaking craftsmanship. The Rotterdam is a fine instrument and together with the included commemorative accessory presentation box, is worthy of its role in celebrating Rotterdam Drum Department’s first decade.



14” x 7”

12-ply Black Oak &

White Sycamore shell

45º bearing edges

Palladium lugs

Green Tulip logo badge

Remo USA heads

Palladium snare strainer

Brass snare wires

Green Hardcase

British Drum Co. THE ROTTERDAM 14x7 No 7

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