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Ronn Dunnett brought another legendary drum brand back to life, Milestone Percussion:

High end Fyberglass drums, with modern upgrades known to Ronn, the Hypervent, new R4 strainer, and 42 str wire! Let this drum surprise you, incredible sound!


Milestone Percussion was founded in Vancouver in the early 1970’s by Michael Clapham. At the time, Milestone quickly became the leader in fiberglass drums which were renowned for their sonic consistency and durability. 

“Michael created not just a timeless line of drums, but a brand that deviated from many of the conventional norms of the time. The elegant simplicity of the Milestone logo was matched by the innovative drums he manufactured. The Milestone brand is singular in that regard. ” said Ronn Dunnett, president and CEO of Dunnett Classic Drums Ltd. “Milestone is a true part of Canadian history and at 50 years old, a heritage brand.”

Milestone founder Michael Clapham was born in 1938 in London, England and immigrated to Canada at the age of 18. His career began at Vancouver’s Drum Village where he worked as a salesman and drum instructor. He eventually purchased the store, operating it until 1980 when he sold it to Ray Ayotte, giving himself the freedom to design and develop the Milestone brand and products. The drums Clapham designed were embraced by legendary artists such as Gary McCracken (Max Webster), Jerry Mercer (April Wine) and producers / engineers such as Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd “The Wall”) where the unmistakable sound of fiberglass wove itself into the fabric of their music. Michael Clapham passed away in Vancouver on September 14, 2016.

“Fifty years is a very long time for a brand to survive on inertia, and yet today Milestone remains a beloved brand and I plan to celebrate that. I have always loved the brand and as a young drummer coveted the kits I saw my drum heros playing. As it was when I began work on restoring the George Way drum company and preserving George’s legacy, it is an honour to pick up where Michael left off and with the blessing of the Clapham estate. Production on the new line of Milestone snare drums is well under way with orders in the qeue. Those drums will pay appropriate homage to Michael’s work and legacy.

Milestone 14x8 Founders Model Silver Sparkle

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