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A sound characteristic of the warmth to the metal or the sharpness to the wood shell. The "UltraCast", made by the cut out of the cast aluminum shell, sings a hybrid sound of the metal and the wood shell. Clear and warm, but powerful and sensitive. The opposite factors are being blended splendidly for the sound on this "UltraCast", making this snare loved by the drummers which doesn't matter on their music genre or style they play. The depth with 6.5" creates more powerful and rich sound.

Diameter x Depth

14" x 6.5"


3mm Cast Aluminum w/ Reinforcement

Hoop / No. of Tension Rods

SuperHoop II (B) / 10


SR-1000A/B / SR-1000E/B



Lug / Tension Rod

TB-65B / SST-5042


Remo Coated (A)

Pearl 14x6.5 Ultracast UCA1465B

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