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Exclusive masterpieces, handcrafted artistry.
Every One of a Kind drum is a hand-built masterpiece, crafted by the
experienced artisans at the SONOR factory in Germany. This year SONOR
has chosen a regular 13”x6.5” medium maple shell with 45° bearing edges
as the base for its One of a Kind Snare Drum. The shell is veneered with
precious and very beautiful Black Limba on the most inner and outer ply.
A very limited supply of the veneer only allows for an exclusive production
of 80 Snare Drums. As always, the outer veneer is finished in a high-gloss
lacquer to accentuate the individuality and naturally grown elegance of
the wood.
Moreover, this newest iteration in the One of a Kind series also introduces
previously unseen features. For the first time SONOR uses mounting hardware
from the Vintage Series on a One of a Kind Snare Drum. Additionally,
these parts are ruthenium plated, which has been unprecedented before.


• 13”x6.5”
• 9-ply, 6mm Medium Maple Shell
• 45° Bearing Edges
• Black Limba inner and outer veneer finished in a clear high-gloss lacquer
• Staggered Teardrop Lugs with Tune Safe
• 8-Hole Superprofil hoops
• Dual Glide Snare Throw-Off
• All ruthenium plated mounting hardware
• 18-straned steel snare wires
• Certificate of Authenticity
• Incl. branded hardcase made by Hardcase UK

Sonor One of a Kind 13x6.5 in Black Limba OOAK

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