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The drum set is a jazz instrument — but you can play any style of music on it. The "Jazz Bass" was, in fact, played on more hit pop tunes than you can count; the "Jazz Snare" may enjoy equally legendary status one day. Designed to be affordable without any compromise in its playability or sonic footprint, the Peter Erskine Jazz Snare by TAMA is a unique 14"x4.5" drum, made of Spruce and Maple plies with a reinforcing ring on the batter side only. The drum whispers and shouts, with brilliant focus and snap. The sensitivity provided by the shallow depth is balanced by the 8-lug design which allows for a low fundamental body of sound. The drum follows your every command and will take you to new places, too. Every drummer should have a "Jazz Snare" as part of their collection; the beautiful wood/gloss finish assures compatibility with any drum set.

Tama Peter Erskine Signature PE1445

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