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With an exquisite acoustic character and stunning aesthetic, the limited edition STAR Bubinga Blackwood kit embodies the highest principles of the STAR series. The 5mm-thick shells are comprised of four interior plies of Bubinga, one inner ply of Cordia, and a visually spectacular outer ply of Australian Blackwood. The hand-cut Sound Focus Rings bolster the shells’ already impressive projection, while also offering enhanced clarity and definition. The tone encapsulates every bit of the focused low end and rich, sonic complexity for which Bubinga is renowned. Equipped with the TAMA Super Resonant Mounting System, the powerful and natural resonance of the shells is enhanced thanks to this imaginative hardware design. This combination of features yields a kit that produces a robust, articulate tone, with extraordinary power and a sophisticated, refined timbre.

This kit will be limited to two kits total for the European market. (only 16 worldwide!)

[5pc Kit Configuration]
Model No.: TB52ZSSRBB
16"x 22" Bass Drum
7"x 10" Tom Tom
8"x 12" Tom Tom
14"x 14" Floor Tom
16"x 16" Floor Tom
Snare: 6"x14"

Red Blackwood Burst (RBB)

Tama Star Bubinga Limited Edition Blackwood Tama Limited Edition Blackwood

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