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Limited Edition, only 12 sets worldwide!! And we got one!!
Laotian White Ebony, commonly known as Pale Moon Ebony, has an especially unique and beautiful grain pattern. If not treated properly in the early stages of the cutting process,
this wood is prone to deformation, shrinkage, and cracking, making the wood difficult to craft. Due to its high demand worldwide, it is an extremely rare and always in short supply.
To launch the STAR Factory Vault series, TAMA selected White Ebony as the outer ply to their STAR Bubinga shell for its rarity and extraordinary wood grain pattern. Characterized
by its dark, deep tone and strength, the resulting STAR Bubinga drum kit is rich in both sound and aesthetic. The thin 4.5mm/5ply shell with 9mm thick Sound Focus Rings retains
Bubinga's deep mid-bass sound, while providing significant clarity. The STAR Drum shell construction further enhances Bubinga's wide tonal range. All of these elements come
together to create a classic, musical tone rich is sonic depth and expression. Instantly recognizable as a high-end instrument, STAR Bubinga is carefully hand-crafted in Japan at the
TAMA STAR drum building facility. Precise build and intense scrutiny to detail are the foundations for STAR. This White Ebony finish celebrates the initial STAR Factory Vault series
with an impeccable drum set experience.


• 5mm, 5ply Bubinga + 1 inner ply Cordia
+ 1 additional outer ply White Ebony shell
with Sound Focus Ring (9mm, 11ply
Bubinga + 1 inner ply Cordia)
• Die-Cast hoops
• Super Resonant Mounting System
• Natural White Ebony (NWE)

Tama Star Bubinga Limited Edition White Ebony TB52RZSS-NWE

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