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STAR Reserve Stave Ash 14"x6.5"

This 14"x6.5" Stave Ash shell is the newest edition to the STAR Reserve series. Characterized by its brightness and sensitivity, Ash wood has a wide tonal range. Similar to a conga drum, 20 pieces of 10mm thick Ash wood staves are used to form this unique shell, delivering a quicker response and deeper tone than that of a ply or solid shell drum.
Using TAMA's Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snare Wires, we are able to acheive an extremely sensitive, bright, and crisp sound. These characteristics allow the player to freely express themselves.
Together, the high-quality sound and intricate Ash wood grain creates an incomparable experience that will resonate with players and audiences alike.

Tama Star Reserve TVA1465S-OAA

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