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The latest edition to the Zebra drums arsenal: the Black Plane Series. These unique looking snare drums are made from the London Plane tree, which gives these snare drums a warm full bodied tone with a great attack. The shells are made with the Zebra drums standard fingerjointed quarter sawn staves and all have a thickness of 9 mm. They are finished with a special black stain and a raised walnut inlay that has been stained red. The final finish are several coats of a satin oil. The snare drums are fitted with all black hardware, using a different lug than I normally use which really suits the Black Plane concept. Additionally they are fitted with 2,3 mm triple flanged hoops, a Trick strainer, Canopus wires with Zebra Drums’ own durable straps, Remo heads and Thread Locks (by Zebra Drums).

Every drum has it’s own serial number but next to that each Black Plane drum is stamped on the inside with a special black plane stamp. This way you know you have an original Black Plane.

Zebra Drums 13x7 Black Plane Series

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